Apr 24, 2014

The Beginner’s Guide to Picking a Twin Tip Kiteboard

One of the first and sometimes difficult steps when getting into kiteboarding is picking your first board. Based on your weight, you can use the following table to get a good idea of your ideal beginner board sizes.

Beginner Board Sizing Guide
Min. Size
Max Size
< 150 lbs (68kg)
> 200lbs (91kg)

When starting out, it is recommended that you use a large board for your size. The reason for this is that you will find that these larger boards are a more efficient ride for anyone starting out. A large kiteboard will float regardless of whether you are on or in the water, which will be very important when you learn to launch from the water. This buoyancy aspect of the board will allow for a more forgiving ride as the board will keep you afloat with some kite mistakes and impacts. Another benefit is that it will be easier to launch. You will find out that with the large volume of this larger board you will not need as much kite power to get you up and moving. It will perform better when learning the board handling aspect with the kite. When you push down on your heels or toes, or edging, you will have more surface area to dig in to the water to steer. Turning and learning the upwind aspect of kiteboarding will be easer as larger boards excel in upwind handling. Lastly, even as you progress as a rider, this large board can still remain a useful pick from your quiver as your light wind board. In the long run, as your skills grow, you will not need to worry about outgrowing this board as it will still have its uses on the less windy days. Other conditions you may want to consider if you are learning in a location that is consistently very windy, you will want to go to a small board size. It will be easier to get overpowered by the heavier wind speeds on a large board, so a smaller board in your size category will be advisable.

Once you have determined the board size, the next step is to select a boards with the right lateral curve, or rocker. The flatter the board is, the better it will perform in lightwind and flat water conditions. If you are in an area where the water is consistently choppy or wavy, the more of a rocker you will need to help with board handling. You might also consider getting a deeper rocker if you are more experienced in board sports and are planning on moving into freestyle or wakestyle kiteboarding.

If you are still confused, feel free to contact us or look take a look at the following beginner board recommendations.

The Cabrinha Stylus is a great lightwind board that has a size for all weight ranges. The flat rocker line and extra wide outline make the most of these less than ideal wind conditions. The outline excels in earlier plaining.

The Best Armada is the best board for kiteboarding beginners who have board sport experience. If you are strong surfer, wakeboarder or snowboarder, this board will be the option that you can grow into.

Mar 3, 2014

New Gill Coastal Collection

Gill has done it again! If you're looking for a new jacket to accompany you while braving foul weather or just need to replace your old faithful, look no further! Their latest Coast suit offers the complete package of protection, practicality and comfort at a great price point.

The new collection features the quality and style you expect from Gill, but with a more extensive focus on all-day comfort. The 2-layer coated material used helps provide a soft handle without compromising on foul gear weather protection, perfect for the coastal boater. 

Check out our Gill Shop today! 

Technical Information:

• 2 Dot™, 2-layer breathable coated fabric with a durable water repellent finish
• Fully taped seams for a waterproof seal
• Non-absorbent and quick-drying lining

Fabric Composition:

Outer: 100% Nylon, Fleece: 100% Polyester, Mesh Lining: 100% Polyester

• A rollaway fluorescent hood with volume adjustment for improved fit 
• High cut soft fleece lined collar with face guard for protection
• Adjustable inner and outer watertight cuffs 
• Hi-visibility Reflexite® reflectives
• Fleece lined hand warmer pockets
• Large capacity cargo pockets

The accompanying Coast Trousers are fully lined with front drainage facility and feature adjustable suspenders, along with a semi-elasticized waist and articulated knees to offer a comfortable fit

Jan 30, 2014

Introducing Alex

To ring in 2014, we would like to introduce one of the many voices behind Mauri Pro, Alex. For over a year now, he has been one of the main voices of Mauri Pro’s customer service and marketing teams. Alex’s expertise spans boats of all sizes from Lasers dinghies to 50 footers. If you need a hand with sailboat hardware, Alex is your man.

Alex was born in Ft. Worth and raised in Keller, TX where he was introduced to sailing in the Boy Scouts, later becoming an instructor. He eventually moved to Annapolis for the Naval Academy where picked up some more time on the water and even offshore experience in the 2008 Newport to Bermuda Race. After finishing at the Academy, Alex returned to Texas attending the University of North Texas where he also competed on the Intercollegiate team and in the J24 Circuit with other classmates.

Once completing his degree, Alex found himself turning his passion into his career. After hours, he became the mainsail trimmer for the Mauri Pro Farr 39ML and a Joubert-Nivelt IOR 50 in the Tran-Superior Regatta. Alex can be found on the weekends competing in his own Laser or on the Mauri Pro J24 “sr. happy.”

Off the water, Alex’s skills are instrumental in all of the web development and graphic design aspects of Mauri Pro. If you have had a chance to look over the website, you can bet that you have seen some of his handwork. 

Jan 23, 2014

Henri Lloyd Elite

Offshore Elite Jacket
Henri Lloyd continues to push development of high-performance ocean foul weather gear to new levels. Long a proponent of Gore® membranes for their most extreme waterproof-breathable gear, Henri Lloyd has stayed with them to develop their new Elite Offshore line. The line line of outerwear uses 3-layer laminate with Gore-Tex® membrane sandwiched between state of the art face fabrics and the new Slide-Glide backer. This has resulted in a fabric that is 30% lighter and 20% more breathable than what was previously considered best-in-class fabrics.

The Slide-Glide backing is an important upgrade. Besides contributing to the weight savings, it is also designed to move more freely against mid-layers. The Elite line includes base- and mid-layers designed to work as a system to reduce internal friction. Besides making it easier to suit up when it's time to get on deck this also means easier movement when you're there, and reduced fatigue.

Offshore Elite Hi Fit
The Henri Lloyd Elite foul weather gear combines outerwear, mid-layer and base-layer into a complete system for all conditions. The Offshore Elite Jacket uses Henri Lloyd's OPTIVISION hood system for excellent peripheral vision. It includes chest pockets as well as lower fast-draining cargo pockets. The Offshore Elite Hi-Fit trousers have an articulated cut to further aid easier movement, Cordura reinforcement panels to protect against wear and a fast-draining thigh pocket. Both the Jacket and Hi-Fit are available in a version cut specifically for an ergonomic Women's fit. Also available is an Offshore Elite Racer Jacket which does away with the cargo pockets to further reduce weight and bulk. This also aids breathability by reducing extra fabric layers.

Therm Mid Layer Jacket
Designed as a complementary mid-layer to the Elite Offshore outerwear for extreme conditions, the Elite Therm Jacket and Salopette can stand alone in light spray conditions. It is 100% waterproof and windproof with taped seams and also breathable. The Henri Lloyd Elite Therm mid layers are insulated with a Primaloft lining to provide warmth without weight. Used in moderate conditions or as a mid-layer under the Offshore Elite foul weather gear in extreme conditions, the Elite Therm gear works best when combined with H Therm Base Layers.

Therm Mid Layer Salopette
A key part in any foul weather gear system is a good fitting base layer. The Henri Lloyd H Therm Long Sleeve Crew Shirt and H Therm Tights are designed to layer beneath the Offshore Elite and Elite Therm Mid-Layers. Made of high-wicking Fast-Dri fabric this base layer offers excellent moisture transport to keep you comfortable in your foul weather gear. Silver ion microbial technology helps ensure the garment stays fresh, and flatlock seam construction mitigates seam-rub further enhancing mobility. UVA and UVB protection also protect you from the sun when worn alone.

If you're looking for a complete high-performance foul weather gear system from skin to spray the Henri Lloyd Elite Offshore collection needs to be on your shopping list. Available now from Mauri Pro Sailing.

Dec 6, 2013

Gill's New watches: The Regatta Master Watch and the Race Watch

Gill has designed a new range of watches, with updated features and styling.They have been designed exclusively for Gill as a sailing specific watch, although they can also be used for powerboat racing, navigation and other on the water time keeping.

Both watches have the features you expect like being water resistant to 30m, shock and impact resistant construction and time, date, day and alarm functions. They also have features you need from a sailing watch to be at the starting line on time including an adjustable countdown timer with a synchro button. They are constructed from Carbon reinforced ABS plastic with a stainless steel case back and feature a Flexible, hard wearing TPU strap.

Then there's the features that will impress you and make these watches stand out. They have a key lock function, so you won't accidentally reset your timer when roll tacking a dinghy or grinding a winch. They have a sleep mode to save battery life. Last but certainly not least is one of the most useful features    to the racing sailor: the numbers on the countdown timer increase in size and clarity during the last minute and the countdown timer features audible warnings.

The Regatta Master Watch has even more features. It has a dual time feature that shows the time for two time zones. This is perfect for people who travel a lot, you can leave one time mode for your home and use the second one for your destination. It also features a stop watch and is water resistant down to 50m.

Both watches are excellent options. The Gill race watch features a modern design and is available in three stylish colors; Blue/White, Red/White and Black/Red. The Race Master Watch has a timeless design and has additional features and strength.

 Whether you choose the Gill Race or Regatta master watch, you can trust your timepiece to reliably count down to the start. Now it's up to you to be on the line when the timer reads 0:00.

Nov 26, 2013

Harken & the AC72 - Interview with Mark Wiss

We got Mark Wiss, Harken's Global Director of Sales & Marketing, to sit down with us to talk about the 34th. Americas Cup and his impressions about the new technology developed for this year's boats. Mark is one of the key people at Harken when it comes to Grand Prix racing and the Americas Cup.
Image: Mark Wiss, Jimmy Spithill and Peter Harken

We were all exceptical about this Americas Cup and the use of Catamarans for Match Racing. What are your comments after watching the races?

Mark:   I couldn’t get enough!  And I didn’t want it to stop.  This is my 5th AC that I have been involved through Harken, and it ranks as the most exciting next to the 2000AC in NZ.  I believe the Finals certainly muted all those critics who doubted the vision by Larry and Russell.   Assuming they retain the AC72, we will now be in the second generation;  where the teams will become more equal in speed and handling.  First generation of any class there is always a big speed gap as some design/sail teams get it right and others just don’t.  The following generations inside a rule always improve after watching, copying and improving .  There is no doubt in my mind that the end result; ETNZ vs Oracle was an incredible match racing event.

How do you see AC technology migrating into your everyday sailor? Do you expect to see classes sailing with Wind-Sails and Foils?

Mark:  the Americas Cup is an incredible R&D arena for our industry.  We always experience ‘trickle-down’ from the Cup, and this is already happening after the AC34.   For example, many of the newly constructed racing boats are already ordering hydraulic solutions that we supplied Oracle.  Multihulls are more popular than ever, and this is evident in what we are seeing from the boat builders.  More charter catamarans are ordered every year than monohulls now, and beach catamarans are becoming more popular than ever.  Foiling is already happening with the Moth and now the Kiteboarders are foiling too.  I’m confident that foil designs and shapes are going to improve and provide giant leaps in performance for both mono and multihulls that we are all sailing.  I believe that we will even find Wings more commonplace;  that will take more development, but I’m confident that Wing sails will become something that could be installed onto a day sailor.

Harken is a big part of the AC development. What Harken product is in use today by the everyday sailor that came directly from AC technology (year?)
Mark:  Wow…a big question, and the list is very long!  Lets see if I can start the list from memory…. I am sure I have missed a lot!

Black Magic Airblocks (1995)
CRX Traveler Cars (2000)
1111 Winch (2003)
65 Winch (2000)
Carbon Pedestals (1995)
Carbon Pedestal handles (1995)
All our Gearbox technology (1995, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010)
Pivoting Track solutions (2007)
50 Winch (2003)
990 Winch (just after 1995)
TTR Blocks (2007)
T2 Carbo Blocks (2007)

To find more about Harken or to order Harken products click here

Nov 18, 2013

Introducing the Ronstan Vaavud

Right in time for the Holiday season, we would like to introduce an exciting gift idea for the sailor or amateur meteorologist in your family: the Vaavud
This device turns your smartphone into an anemometer, giving accurate wind readings using the electronics in your phone.


The Vaavud wind meter works with all iPhones from 4 and onwards, and all iPads from 2 and onwards, running on iOS 6 or 7.
With regards to Android phones we have currently confirmed it to work with Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 and HTC one, as well as a number of other devices.


Red Vaavud - sideview
The Vaavud design is inspired by professional cup anemometers, but with two cups instead of three, in order to make it truly pocket friendly. The  one piece, molded rotor and the low friction Teflon bearing makes the Vaavud wind meter extremely durable. If sand or dirt gets inside the Vaavud wind meter it can easily be cleaned out with water. And The Vaavud wind meter can take quite a beating – it is built for action!

The Vaavud app

The Vaavud app gives you a clear overview of average, actual and maximum wind speed, as well as a real time graph – in fact the first real time graph in the world on a hand held anemometer! And you can scroll and pinch-zoom on the graph, if you want to taker a closer look at something.
The unit of measure can be changed on the fly by simply tapping the screen. (Available units: m/s, Kmh, mph, Kts and Bft.)
A live map gives you access to measurements made by other Vaavud users globally. Tap on a measurement to see details and a map thumbnail of the location. Tap on the map thumbnail to zoom in and see exactly where the measurement was made or tap on a nearby measurement on the list to see it’s details.
New features will constantly be added to the app. Measurement history will be available soon, and much more will follow.
Finally, you can use the Vaavud wind meter together with the Weendy app to tap into the world’s fastest-growing  community-based weather network.


Vaavud in Wind tunnel
The Vaavud wind meter has a wind range of 2 to 20* m/s. Precision is the least of +/- 4% or 0.2 m/s. The wind meter has been tested and calibrated in a professional wind tunnel at the Technical University of Denmark.
Because of the cup-anemometer design, the precision of the Vaavud wind meter is not affected by changes in wind direction (unlike a propeller based anemometer, which must point precisely up against the wind to measure correctly). And the Vaavud app taps into other sensors in your phone, to ensure that the device is held correctly, so the risk of incorrect measurements can be minimized.
*Up to 24 m/s for iPhone 5S and up to 48 m/s on some Android phones